How bad is Fox? Even Chris Wallace is fed up

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  1. Maybe there is hope, after all.

    I thought Wallace had lost all credibility, but I'm glad to see that he is not completely lost.

    He should next take Fox News to task over its compulsion to thwart Ron Paul's ability to present in the Republican Nominee Debates at every chance it got.

    I detest Faux News.
  2. BSAM


    That was pretty funny. I expect we'll be seeing Chris on CNN or MSNBC soon.:cool:
  3. chris wallace tried to sabotage ron paul at one of the Fox Presidential Debates. he is a puppet just like all of them. seems a little staged... then you have brian kilmeade walking out on the fox n turds set. yawn.
  4. Chris Wallace is a tool.

    Gee wiz, he's pissed that Fox is spending two hours delving into the background of the presumptive Dem nominee for President. It's the mainstream media who has whitewashed Obama's ties to corruption and racism.

    Can one imagine if at this moment, John McCain's oldest and most prolific financial backer was on trial in Federal court for bribery/corruption charges? And if Rezko had given McCain a sweetheart deal on a million dollar home?

    Or if McCain not only attended religious services in a racist church but contributed vast sums of money to such an institution?

    The most startling "racist" event in the campaign (by far) has not been Obamas inability to attract white support but rather the Black communities all out abandonment of the other white candidates including HC and Edwards.

    It is Obama who has successfully used race as a life advantage.

    He's no "blacker" than Jason Kidd and less a minority than Tiger Woods. Raised by the white half of his family in the extremely non-Black locales of Hawaii and Malaysia. Somehow he winds up on Chicago's South Side. Pretty smart politics. Illinoisans know in a harbinger of this campaign, it was Obamas "race" that best enabled him to beat a crowded white field to gain the nomination for Senate to begin with. It's not like his non-existent record in the Illinois legislature catapulted him into the public consciousness.

    Obama and his supporters want the advantages of racial politics without the baggage of divisiveness vis a vis' Wright and Michelle Obama. So far they've preyed upon the white guilt of the media and on Dem primary voters. That will only get him so far.

    Republican's are not racist. Even someone like me would enthusiastically support a Keyes or Rice or Powell or Watts for President. For they are not defined as Black Americans but they're just proud to call themselves American.

  5. please tell me you are kidding? mccain has more skeletons than jeffrey dahmer.

    and regarding the religious slant i will take 10 jeremiahs over one fat pig.

  6. Republican's are not racist.

    Very funny.

    So, are you telling everyone that you are not a republican?

    As you certainly are a racist...


  7. I don't have a racist bone in my body. Just because I don't like most Blacks doesn't mean that I discriminate.

    I've read your diatribes against women, gays and Latin immigrants. Does that mean your sexist? Or homo-phobic?
  8. You are a racist who admires Hitler...

  9. =====================
    some of the mainstream media calls DR John Hagee a bigot,Catholic hater......

    Having watched DR John Hagee for many years;
    he is pretty out spoken on sin, Catholic sin , Baptist sin or any sin.He has admitted selling his pig farm, years ago.

    Rev Jeremiah Wight is also wrong on PLO;strange a so called preacher of a large church has such a disrespect for the Bible-the Word of God

    What infuriates many is DR John Hagee's;
    his support[words, wealth/gifts] to Israel,
    & many former Catholics got ''saved '' and freely[their own decision] joined his trans-denominational church.

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