how bad did you get hurt by ICE today..will you trade on ICE tomorrow?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by increasenow, May 15, 2008.

  1. how bad did you get hurt by ICE today..will you trade on ICE tomorrow?...honestly, the volume dip down should be about 80%...why would anyone want to trade on ICE after today?...there is no floor at ICE so you cannot trade over the phone...honestly, it is like serious disastor waiting to trade on ICE...please let me hear from at least 10 people who will continue to trade on ICE...this is so serious stuff!!!
  2. very simply this...yesterday the ICE exchange went down!!!....the ICE has no floor to trade out when the electronic exchange goes is all, you would have had NO WAY to get out of a position if in one when ICE went down yesterday...if you were in a CME Globex SP trade and Globex went down...then you could trade out on the CME sp pit!!!!!!...there is your answer...BIG time...enough for me...a big lesson was learned yeaterday from the ICE 'meltdown' yesterday...
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    ICE, ICE baby

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  4. If you were trading WTI or natty you could take the opposite position at NYMEX to reduce your exposure, then when ICE came back you could cover both and shouldn't have gained or lost much. If you're trading Brent, Gasoil or the softs there are other risks, I realize.
  5. WTF. You guys have posted the same two messages on three different threads now. We get it. ICE went down. It was bad, shit happens. There are other exchanges that you can hedge with when outages occur. Do you rely on only one broker when you trade too?