how backward is the us in science? 3% of evangelical christians believe evolution.

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  1. willful ignorance has an effect. this has far reaching consequences for our country. a country cant stay on top with numbers like these:

    What proportion of evangelicals accept the scientific theory of evolution?

    The answer is 3%

    Almost half (47%) of respondents opted for traditional creationism, while 41% chose intelligent design. Not exactly testament (ahem) to the success of BioLogos in convincing evangelicals to accept biological evolution. Bearing in mind that surveys of this type usually have a margin of error of several percentage points (surveys of atheists occasionally show a similar percentage answering that they believe in God!), one can read this result as a unanimous rejection by this community of the scientific consensus on biological evolution.

  2. And these are the people who will be leading us into the future..
  3. Max E.

    Max E.

    And what do you make of the rest of the train wreck we call an education system? Do you think liberals share some of the blame given the fact that they have had complete control over the education system for more than 3 decades?

  4. really? the last big failure in education was the nclb act. george bush and the republicans dreamed up that one.
  5. Max E.

    Max E.

    You really are blind, if you believe a bill created under bush is the root cause of the complete and utter failure of the education system, which has spanned over decades.

    Truth be told, The problem is probably the fact that we havent yet spent enough money on education. LOL :D

    Is it your belief that teachers are not paid enough? In your masterful opinion, do you believe the teachers unions have properly served our kids?

    Are you really trying to blame the education system, which is overwhelmingly run by liberals, on conservatives?

    You cant possibly be this stupid..... Atleast i hope not.
  6. you said:
    "Do you think liberals share some of the blame given the fact that they have had complete control over the education system for more than 3 decades? "
    a statement proven utterly false by the fact that george bush instituted a major overhaul of the education system during his time in office. both sides have failed to improve education results.
    learn to think before you speak. what kind of moron gives themselves the nick Max E. Pad anyhow. are you some kind of white trash redneck?
  7. Max E.

    Max E.

    Are you really this daft? Who do you think is involved at every single level of the education system? Do you think all the teachers are Conservatives? Do you think the people in the department of education are conservatives? Do you think that the overwhelming majority of teachers, principles, and other people in the school system are conservatives?

    Every single one of those positions are run by liberals, You go out and look at every single person involved in the education system and they are all liberals. It doesnt matter who is the president. Do you really think when bush was in office teachers all of a sudden became conservaties for 8 years? THEY ARE ALL LIBERALS RUNNING THE EDUCATION SYSTEM. Its not as if Bush jumps in, and the teachers union all of a sudden turns into a bunch of conservatives.

  8. more talking out your ass. my family has several teachers in it. they are very conservative rush listening republicans. the administration running the system where they teach is very conservative. they have had problems with the aclu for religion in school things.
    sure my family member teachers are in a union but its powerless. they are not allowed to strike by law and they have not had a raise in 5 years.
    thats the trouble with people like you. you listen to fox and think you are informed and end up talking out your ass.
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