How attractive a woman is tells her place in society

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  1. one of the most correlated things in life I've realized is how attractive a woman is to where she's from in society (rich, poor, middle class, etc)

    It is unreal how true this is. I go to a church that is full of very wealthy people and it's incredible to see how all done up the women are. Hair is perfect, makeup, dress well, thin... you can tell they really take care of themselves, and not only do they do that, they take pride in being presentable.

    I also have investments where I have to deal w/ the very low class, and all the women... truthfully are slobs, lazy, generally overweight. Not to uncommon to find them to smell. Not that they are bad people, just that there is very little desire to be presentable

    However... w/ men this this correlation does not apply
  2. I can't believe that a "messy bun" is a hairstyle. Lazy ass broads.

    One church I went to a few times, I left, too many people with Elvis t shirts and messy buns.

    So the other church I go to, I call the church of "northern face", crist sakes everyone wears northern face. This too pisses me off. It's hopeless.

    Black women wear weaves, for the most part dress nice and hair looks good.

    What is black, brown,blue, purple, orange, yellow, green and red? A group of Black women on the way to church.
  3. nursebee


    Are attractive women part of a class

    or does the care of oneself allow climb?