How are you positioning over this weekend?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by peregrinecap, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. long vol? long dollar? short eur? long chf?
  2. Euro vols are sitting at 19% on the weekly, so it's not a slam dunk to sell vol. 210 pips expected on Sunday night in EURUSD.
  3. where do you get those vol numbers for forex? Someone else was asking and the only thing I could think of was check the futures.
  4. mostly in a lawn chair.

    just might bbq a few steaks and have a glass or two of single malt on the rocks.


  5. Long Treasuries and a little gold

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  6. Lucrum


    No open positions.
  7. I have some old drachma coins from my dad ( about 2 bucks worth), so I guess I'm stuck long drachma into weekend unless I can find some buyers on craigslist tonight :)
  8. Long US equities
  9. trade them for some euros, drachma may be just another currency, euro could be a collectors item
  10. Why would you be positioned over the weekend? Much easier money to be made under normal conditions.

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