How are you positioning for the eventual Market top?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Sean McLaughlin, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. Interested to get some thoughts from traders here on ways in which you are preparing to profit from the eventual market top that we are getting closer and closer to every day?

    I don't know when that day is coming. But we are most likely much closer to the end than the beginning of this rally and will likely see as much as a 20% correction when it ends.

    I'm starting to dabble with buying Puts in SPY, keeping my risk small. With the plan of pyramiding my position if/when the turn comes.

    What are YOU up to?
  2. Flat here. Sold everything when price went 1150$SPX . Waiting to buy any significant dip...preferably down near the 1090-1070 area.
  3. My boss (trading plan) only lets me take long swing trades and positions because of my method of market analysis. But because of technical analysis symptoms and market news that spell “Top” I have been cutting some position sizes in half to limit “reversal” risks starting 3 weeks ago. In the past I have not changed position sizes. But this time around there is too much evidence that this market is rigged.
  4. You might be on to something with this....
  5. only take short setups.

    hope you catch a big swing and let the position float.
  6. S2007S


    Market showing more upside potential yet again.

    s$p now going over 30 days without any 1% pullback or more.
  7. Rigged till the election just like in 2006.
  8. This is the craziest stat I've seen in my 12 years of trading. And part of what's fueling my growing thesis that the end is nigh....
  9. I'm not positioning for any top, because doing such is foolish.
  10. we wont see a meaningful pullback until 1400
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