how are you playing the jobs report tommorow?

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  1. Quite a conundrum.

    Bad Jobs: Dollar continues to weaken - does that act to facilitate stimulate further curve steepening (long bonds sell, short end up), or does long end buying continue despite this ?

    Good jobs: Bonds sell off (definitely), What else happens? Does dollar stay weak despite good jobs, as fed policy looks weak and inflation issue may continue to exacerbate.

    Either way, logic says bonds are a sell, the dollar looks a sell, and inversely equities market are a buy (with exception to anything china here). Tell me how I'm wrong. I'm open to new ways of thinking about this.
  2. bendror


    be careful
  3. just go long

    bad numbers priced in

    all upside
  4. S2007S


    either way its positive for stocks

    another negative jobs number and stocks will rally on anticipation of another rate cut.

    A positive number and all will cheer job employment will keep the economy from going into recession.

    Going to be volatile with rimm earnings and job numbers.
  5. Odds favor a breakout to the upside tomorrow.
    Only one that might not go up, or not as much as the rest of the market, is tech, which is looking a bit stretched.
  6. doublea


    Wait till 9est, buy stop .25 above the high, sell stop .25 below the low. exit at eod if not stopped out.
  7. normally,

    those that already know the number place trades at about 8:20 est

    watching the gold market and spoos of course

  8. by this logic, its a strong #.
  9. Sure was a strong number and last month was nothing but a hoax to give the fed an excuse to cut, it's all manipulated buy the goverment and fed to help the big money players on wall street.
  10. as predicted, spoos spiked at 8:29
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