how are you gonna ride the Gold crash down and make $$$?

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  1. how are you gonna ride the Gold crash down and make $$$?

    Spot Gold?
    Comex Gold?
    Cbot Gold?
    Gold futures options?
    ...for me it probably will be Comex Gold and Comex Gold
  2. who do you think becomes the grist for the mill as it keeps going higher? where is your stop going to be? 1100? 1200? How much pain would you like to experience before this downward "crash" happens? I remember you saying in February 2008 that oil was a good short at $100. How did that work out? I think you need to be able to withstand a 50% adverse move when picking these tops. Your timing is not very good. :eek:
  3. sell the upward spikes as RSI goes to about 90
  4. why don't you just post your entries, stops and what instrument you are trading? i recall from your past posting you do not have a very large account so what is your timeframe for this position and how much are you willing to risk?
  5. hey BLanders...correct...not a large account at all...mostly will daytrade Comex Gold at a $1,800 daytrade margin...or trade Comex Gold options via the phone and my you trade Gold in any form..thanks for your interest

  6. GLD has the largest liquidity after SPY, and since spot positions are risky when shorting, I'd opt for LEAP Put options on GLD.
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    I think if anybody insist to short such rallies , they should go to options . last year i short crude oil at 143 then the market kicked me out , after few days the oil free fall started ! but if i had some options maybe i made some profits . About gold its clear gold will make new highs it cannot fall from here we r near 1000 why it will fall before gold sees a real panic buying , i am sure it will rise
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    Stop the Gold bubble - I can't TAKE it anymore.

    Year on year the metal is up up...........


    Stop the bubble I can't it anymore. They just seem to be getting bigger and bigger.

    Some fool here will no doubt pipe up and say that Gold will rise by 10%.

    Surely that can't happen, 10% over a year - are you crazy!
  9. Gold will tank like Oil tanked...BIG time...still working on my approach
  10. whats ur premise for gold tanking big time, just cuase it hit a 1000? Oil was up big time as u say but the demand wasnt that much changed it was geo-politics. Now with gold up it is more flight to quality. The economy might get worse before better and with ur 1800 dollar margins and your self professed small account you will be hurt. Commodities can get on a roll and go, remember the old adage, they can remain irrational longer then u can remain solvent. So be careful and like the op said buy options, puts, out a few months if u really want to trde it . This way u know what ur loss will be
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