How are you feeling about the economy?

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In the next 12 months will there be a recession?

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  1. UsualName


    What’s your feelings?
  2. elderado


    Really depends on the personal definition vs. the technical definition, don't you think?

    I saw where American's can't afford a vacation. Then I see endless commercials for Sandals Resorts. Have you ever looked at the price of those places? Geez.
  3. RRY16


    Sandals? Really? Can you say Cheese!
  4. UsualName


    The amount of debt Americans are holding is very scary and bankruptcies are rising. This is telling me the consumer is not as healthy as the consumption numbers indicate.
  5. elderado


    We would need to see more of the reason why they're more in debt. Let's see the actual statements and see how they're spending money. Some people are just fools regardless of whether the economy is healthy or not. Other people got whacked by Obamacare and have $6500 annual deductibles in addition to their monthly premiums. One crazy emergency and all of a sudden...
  6. UsualName


    This is a terrible analysis. Try again.
  7. smallfil


    Too many extreme liberal fools do not see the huge drain on the US coffers of illegals (foreigners), giving them free monies, free education, free healthcare, free scholarships while, hard working Americans foot the bill! They think monies grow on trees? Maybe, look at France who a lot of extreme liberals like to tout! Macron is cracking down hard on the yellow jackets who are on their 38th week of protests? How did that Socialism work out? They are now dealing with a fascist French government and will now have to sleep in the bed they created! We, Americans still have a choice! Remove the extreme liberal Socialists, Communists and Islamists of the Democrat Party from power on November 8, 2020! If we fail and they win, we will be like France or Cuba depending on how fast we are turned into a third world shithole of a country!
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  8. Overnight


    There will be a recession if Trump keeps up this trade war shit. The entire global economy slowdown is his own doing. Domino effect. ONE MAN.

    About 18 months of this tariff shit, with these escalations, no wonder the global economy is slowing. ONE MAN.

    We live in a global village, nobody is isolated. We must weigh our actions against how it affects the entire world. We cannot be isolationists, like North Korea. ONE MAN.

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  9. LacesOut


    Post the question in a different section?
  10. UsualName


    This is correct.
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