How are you doing YTD %-wise?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mgarc, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. mgarc


    Would like to find out how ET members are doing (year to date) on a % return on capital at the start of the year.
  2. mgarc


    good to see so many succesful traders out there. then again, those doing well are more inclined to answer surveys like this :)

    i wonder what would be the upper range for the >50% bracket. 100%? 200%?? particularly for people trading with bigger trading accounts (six to seven figure accounts). do they focus on one market or focus on many?
  3. dookie


    do you really believe them ?
  4. there are a lot of prop traders on this board, so % return is not applicable. futhermore, if they are doing reasonably well, i'm sure they would check 50%+, as that's not a very large amount for a day trading account.
  5. Hey people, would I be out of line saying, that the people who are in th 10% or less category, should consider alternative investment vehicles. It seems to me there have been plenty of opportunities this year .
  6. what about the ex worldco people who are making money
    but cannot get their money ??
  7. If you look only at my account size, my % return is pretty ok, but if you look at what I made last year...I took a 50% pay cut this year...the contracted volatility didnt suit my style as well this year...*insert obligatory reference to good old days of last summer and 40 pt ES ranges everyday*

    Cheers and good trading