How are you COVID isolating?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by LacesOut, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. LacesOut


    At the lake house, isolating with the family, always knew this would be the best place to be when the world shits a squirrel.

    Holy fuck what will the bugs look like this summer?

    Peace, quiet, an ice chipper, an axe...lots of booze, dope, board games, silver coins, canned food, frozen meats and other assorted weaponry.

    I’ve never been a big gun person but I got my license last year (never fired a gun in My life until then). And my sister is a huge gun nut so she has taken care of me to make sure we are set. She even taught my kids how to shoot.

    I’m not a handy person so I’m trying to pick up stuff as I go along. Lots of YouTube videos.
    Also learning Chinese (again).

    Wife won’t let me near her till my ‘quarantine’ period is over as I was travelling up till last week. Jokes on her because she’s starting to feel ill.

    I did give up smoking which is a good thing, I guess...but fuck would I ever love a smoke right about now.

    How are you holed up?
  2. KCalhoun

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    Great topic.... in my bigass Colorado house with wife and daughter 8week minimum housebound .

    Trading, playing jazz tenor sax, lots more exercise, card games.

    Very well armed 2 glocks & sig 226 (great 9mm), Remington 12ga tactical pump shotgun.

    Highly recommend "the club" for doors; you've gotta drill hole in floor though. Good to prevent kickins, picks
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  3. LacesOut


    The Club?? Like the thing they used on car steering wheels??
    We played Trivial Pursuit the 80s edition last night but it was too fucking easy.
    The boys are playing the new Doom.
    Started running the trails - using Strava with some buddies to keep on track.
    My boy and I are doing push-ups contests. Sad how he’s getting stronger than his old man. We wrestle and I’m struggling now.
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  4. KCalhoun

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    Yeah, same company.... my fave games = assassins creed, cod, battlefield, gta5, doa, mk, soul calibur
  5. LacesOut


    Meh, I used to game hard. Now I just don’t have the interest. Boys are begging me to play Destiny with them.
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  6. John_09


    Reading, reading and spending quality time with family :)
  7. No trips to the gym. Wife is insisting on delivery service for food and such things. Long walks with the dog.
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  9. ElCubano


    Running, yoga, smoking weed, eating and washing my hands more than ten lifetimes. Also trained myself not to touch my face all day. Only time is after I wash my hands.
  10. The skin of my hands hurts from the constant washing.
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