How are you better than other traders?

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  1. What do you guys consider your competitive advantages in the market over large funds, banks, programmers, mathematicians etc.?
    Any business falls apart without an edge. Even more so trading, being a highly competitive business.

    A retail store may have several advantages such as: unique assortment, lower prices, nice location, great customer service etc. If we consider each trader a separate business model, the question is what advantages one trader can have over the others?

    Some trading gurus say if we do not know what our strong sides are, we won't be making any money on the market in the long run. But would it be enough to have just one strong advantage even if you know what it is? Coming back to a retail store example, imagine what would happen if prices became lower in all stores around yours. Boom, and your only advantage is not an advantage anymore.

    Here is a couple of examples of what some traders consider an advantage.
    1. Being good at programming, back testing trading ideas, etc.
    2. Knowing the probability theory well enough to make accurate forecasts about the future price moves.
    3. Cutting trade losses by using tight stop losses, limiting losses for the week, month, etc.

    There are more examples out there, you name it. In my opinion, the best advantage is the one that is unique, i.e. such an edge than no other trader has.

    Now the question is - what's your edge?

    I.e. "I know the 100% working method of drawing support and resistance lines"
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  2. wrbtrader


    Different sources of income so that I'm not dependent upon trading, ability to think outside the box in real-time during the heat of the battle, understanding of volatility and experience.

    Also, not confined to trading as if its a 8 to 5 job.

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  3. I am patient. I have traded my entire life trying to make the amount of money a wholesale trader makes....yes I am patient.

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  4. hilmy83


    I trade momentum and I'm counting on the rest of the retail degenerates to fomo.
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  5. Nobert


    Every YOLO RH wbets users thinks that hes better :


    One eternity later

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  6. Because I know everything.
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  7. The same gurus that have a chat room full of people, hey guys lets start scaling into this micro float, look at it rip, I told you, my thought process was killer on that trade.
  8. Tradex


    I watch and study about 50,000 charts a year, mostly historical charts.

    There is no genius in trading, or "overnight" success, this crazy business requires non-stop testing and study.
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  9. Overnight


    The only edge is time.
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  10. Peter8519


    I thought by just apply the "winning trades" method that it would be suffice(winning trade = profitable trade). Nope. The market is just litter with traps.
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