How are ya supposed to trade this market??Total crap shoot?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dsq, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. dsq


    oil down big,dollar firming yet the market whipsaws up/down in erratic manner and in anarrow range.
  2. Step aside, earnings will creat alot of gaps in the cash markets you can bet on it.

    Be selective take only the best of the best.
  3. Don't trade it. Real traders are not compelled to trade everyday, they only trade when opportunities present themselves.
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  5. dsq


    ya,today i have been unable to get a 'feel' for the market and T.I ll prolly just go back to sleep...
  6. bespoke


    been great for scalping. come to the dark side :)
  7. Xuanxue


    I take it then you didn't know the majority of markets were heading into an ABC correction out of the fifth, subminute wave before the bell? I did. And made good money going up and coming down.

    Hit the books, maybe?
  8. Here's your message from trading heaven for an uncalled for display of hubris:

  9. Xuanxue


    Hubris? We're not testing the high of the day already?

    Funny pic too. And back at ya, bub.
  10. If you like to trade randomness and chop, this <i>is</i> trading heaven. For me, however, it is just making up for getting killed during the night with that massive YM move down and back up.

    The market takes with one hand and gives back with the other.
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