How are the markets now from a trading perspective?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by trade4succes, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. Hello there,

    Used to trade professionally, but have been out of the markets for a couple of years. In my time during the 2000s have seen the market going through some interesting changes.

    So how is it now? What is in play now at the various prop firms?
  2. they are closed... they will reopen monday at 930am est.
  3. How cute ;-)

    Weekend is a perfect time to contemplate on the markets, isn't it?
  4. Markets are fine. This is the best trading environment in the last 15 years. Many are complaining because they expect to become rich with $500 down. HFT provides enough liquidity at low cost. Those who complain about HFT are losers anyway. In the old days spreads were up to a quarter of a point for stocks and up to 10 pips for currencies during normal market hours. Now you get 1 cent spreads in high volume stocks and 2 pips or less in major currencies. If you cannot make good profits in this market trading is not for you. It only takes devotion and discipline and maybe a few good tools to help in the analysis process. Anyone with 50K capital and 5K in upfront cost for software/hardware should be able to make a good living trading any timeframe. All the information you need is here in ET you only have to use the search option.