How are laptops for trading?

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  1. I was considering getting a gaming/desktop replacement laptop. Currently, I have a desktop that I bought in 2006 which works well, but its bulky and I cant really take it anywhere if I wanted.;contentBody

    My experience with laptops is that they have a tendancy to overheat, noisy fans, dont work as well as desktops, lockup and the drives crash, etc.

    Are the modern day laptops, like the one in the link, good for trading? Lets say it would have to be on at least 10 hours a day and 100% reliable. No lockups and it would have to be reliable for a period for 3 years. The desktop I have now has been left on for days at a time and has never had a problem...

    I know of USB video cards where I can hook the laptop up to multiple monitors so that wont be an issue.

    I'm guessing the laptop would be faster then the desktop I have now...
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    My trusty thinkpad t61 with sprint mobile broadband has been working out great with my software. This puppy has 4 GB Ram/2.4GHz Core2 Duo processor and Windows 7 Enterprise.

    This is the setup I use when i am on the road and away from the desk. Has been working very well
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    I work with a Toshiba Satellite 2 GB, Pentium with XP and very happy.

    You have to keep it clean off the dust opening it every 8 to 10 months and disassembling it completely, to avoid overheating, a 2 hour work, or just take it to a service near you for something around US$ 50.00, I prefer to do it myself.

    Should switch to a brand new machine when Windows 7 final version is out.

    My setup is with two 22" monitors (one through VGA port and the other via USB) + the laptop screen of 15", more then enough for daytrading.

    Happy trading. :cool:
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    Fwiw Sir,

    I have a HP Pavilion dv9000..... Purchased it from HP online....

    Had them add more ram, and remove the stuff (hdwr) I didn't need

    When I receive it I also removed Vista (even though I told them from the get go I did not want it), then reformatted and installed XP professional

    Been working fine day in and day for over a year – in all mkt conditions


    I also have a Falcon desktop - speed wise the Falcon and HP are almost identical


  5. I have a 2 yr old Gateway 17" "gamers special", fast vid card etc.
    Love it. It's my trading computer. Works great on the left coast or here in TX.
    It's a refurb I got for cheap.
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    I recommend getting a docking station and large external monitor. 22" Acer monitor available from Newegg for ~$150
  7. For those times I have to leave base I have been trading from a Acer Aspire 1 netbook running Xp, with Qutetracker and Ninja running on it. Does the job but battery life is only 2 hrs.
  8. Can't remember whether press release said Dec 2009/Jan 2010 ? Would be sweet, for travelling, donno what they are going to do for battery though ? Only problem is it will always attract attention if used in public :mad:
  9. There are external USB 2.0 video cards out there that will allow the laptop to have two additional monitors.

    I just want to get a computer that will replace the big old box. Im not one for taking my computer out with me, but would like to have that option.

    My main worry is reliability. I dont want to be sitting here watching the markets in a position just to have the computer overheat, blue screen or go dead.

    What I would do is use the desktop box as a reliable backup. I have a few older boxes sitting around here that have never seemed to fail. However, my experience with older laptops is that they eventually fail. I remember a few years back my company gave me a Dell laptop to use and in one year everything needed to be replaced eventually. Im wondering if things have changed since 3-5 years ago.

  10. retaildaytrader it's a different world now. Laptops are very reliable and do everything a trader needs. Mine is on up to 18 hrs a day and has been for 2 yrs without any issues.

    It's traveled round the world and I run a 22" off it (it's a 17" widescreen). The only change I made was to up the ram from 1Gb to 2Gb.

    One neat thing about a laptop is it runs when the power is cut so I have only the modem on a UPS. It's an oldie and I only get a little over 2 hrs on a charge but I'd expect to be out of most trades in that time. New laptops can run for 24 hrs.

    Go for it.
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