How adventureous are you?

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  1. Where's the craziest place you've had sex?
  2. Alone or with somebody?:D
  3. Turok


    1: Top of the Bay Bridge towers -- SF side (what a view)

    2: Disneyland People Mover (since torn down)

    3: On top of Lost Arrow Spire (Yosemite)

    4: Keystone Gondola (Colorado)

    5: AeroMexico Flight above Baja (and no, not in the restroom)

  4. [​IMG]

    That's very impressive.

    Bay Bridge Towers must have been amazing.
  5. Oh you mean with Palmela Handerson and/or Rosie Palmer?
  6. Turok


    Thanks. Lost Arrow wasn't too shabby a view either.


  7. do we know him? does he post here?
  8. Turok


    Only 3386 times.

  9. Since it is unlikely anyone is going to top Turok (kudos) in real life, can we make up "adventures"? Seriously, I doubt I could make something up that would top him anyways.
  10. Honesty is never awarded on threads like this. :D
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