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  1. Dear-

    Recently I aware there are lots of open office, with internet (only) provided.

    For example, at the, there is some branch such as at

    109 S 5th Street Brooklyn NY 11249

    1) much cheaper to rent, than usual private small office with key/lock.

    2) wonder if there is security concern in internet access.

    3) any other comments are welcomed.
  2. Please let me know if there is other similar brand as above.
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    Whatever works for you babe. Welcome to Williamsburg. Fugheddabouddit.!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en
  4. If there is some place where IB traders gathers, I would like to fly NYC to visit there.

    Automated trading people is also welcomed.

    I wonder if there are many ETers, such as at a particular branch as

    110 Wall St New York NY 10005
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    Wework ....ha

    Sounds like another bubble.
    People paying ridiculous prices for a closet.
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  6. It might be a bubble, paying useless money for place to stay.

    I hope there is a place like StarBucks (cheaper than WeWork) in Wall Street, for ETers to see each other.
    How about every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon at specified SBs...?
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    Search bing or google for coworking in the location you are interested in. There are a lot of places cheaper than Wework. Then let people here know where you are. If you just want to meet without getting an open plan desk then try
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    A group of traders that I used to work with at a prop firm, setup on their own at one of the wework locations in London.

    I don't think they have any complaints.
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    If there is no coworking where you are then set one up as they are expanding exponentially in tech centers.
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    Not sure what connectivity is provided if its actually hard connection or wireless. But there is no guarantee that there is no one forwarding all the traffic to some kind of packet capture device. So make sure all you connections are encrypted (SSL or VPN) and if you ever get a weird certificate popup when going to one of your sites, never click accept and close the browser.

    Also when joining the WiFi make sure it is the real wifi and not someone setting up a wifi proxy with a similar name so that you join it thinking you joined the Wework wifi and in essense someone is passing all your traffic while they are inspecting it to steal credentials.

    Oh and make sure you have some kind of firewall software installed on the computer.

    It is the wildwest out there in the internet and you need to really keep an eye out for shady stuff.
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