How about this idea?

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  1. Changing the immigration law for the next year. Open this idea up the world.
    You can become a US citizen if you:
    1. Have no criminal record
    2. Have to buy a house in the US for a minimum of $200,000, no resell within 2 years. US citizenship after 2 years.

    I am Canadian and I would do it.
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    Ha. Canada has a law which if you invest half a mil or something like that in Canada, you will become ciitizen after 7 years or something like that...:)
  3. Didn't England send all their criminals here and to australia?

    Blood line is long established...
  4. So does the United States. You are eligible for naturalization if you're able to invest 1 million USD or 500,000 USD in economicaly disadvantaged areas.
  5. how about 'fuck off, we're full'
  6. How about the people that don't like it here and bitch and moan get a chance to sell their citizenship and get the fuck out.
  7. I'd like to sell my citizenship in pre-1913 US dollars please.


    $700 billion "bailout" has now become a $850 billion "rescue." Debt will hit $10 trillion by month's end. Go go printing press.
  8. How about as in some Carib countries - citizenship if you put $250,000 into American 5 year CDs AND/OR you create 2+ jobs...

    Heck, just do the fair tax and repatriate a $trillion or do.
  9. why is this chart interesting? The average American was a pauper in 1913 compared to now. It ain't the dollar, it is the wealth.
  10. Purchasing power. Wealth means nothing if your currency is a constant decline. The many billionaires in Zimbabwe would agree.
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