How About That Vix Up 9.56%

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  1. Now you know if the markets were up 1% each, the Vix would be down .35%

    This has become the most useless indicator, pretty much like all the other indicators. The only thing you nee to focus on is price and price alone.

    Over the years you will learn how useless most indicators are and they will cause you to miss out.
  2. Fill in the blanks

    __ in May, and go ____ ?

    how does this end?? :confused: :D

    Please, I'm not a daytrader, I'm an "Intraday Liquidity Provider" :p

  3. Since I don't have super high margin or risky positions I don't really care about may

    I look at any large dip as a buying opportunity instead
  4. Wow the Vix is still gapping up 5% on Mondays. Looks like the fix is in.
  5. ........stay sober until October...................

  6. It goes...

    "Buy in May and Stay"
  7. Pssst. Check out what it does on Fridays.
  8. I have pretty much written of this hocus pocus indicator, right after they started trading it.

    I just laugh when I see the market rally and the Vix rise like a loaf of yeast bread.
  9. You don't have any money. Glad we got that cleared up. You can't even afford a 19" monitor. :p

    It So Fact So :D
  10. Let me get this straight, you don't believe in an indicator that is actually examinable and can be reconstructed with publicly available data but you believe Jews are trying to take over the world and other ridiculous conspiracy theories?! :confused:

    Okay, this seals the and stock_turder are running neck and neck for the two most dense individuals on this board...WOW! You never cease to amaze me you illiterate trailer trash! :p
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