How About That Oil Inventory Report!!!

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  1. I have never seen the floor of the NYMEX get that crazy on CNBC. Traders running everywhere as if the fire alarm went off.

    I was trading Marvell and thinking of going out to California to pop the CEO in th nose for the weak trading this morning, then POP! The oil inventory report came out, sank the ten year and WHAM, no more inflation. THEN pop goes Marvell.

    THe floor is still shaking. . .
  2. No more inflation?
    You gotta be kidding me...
    We are in a short-term pull back in what will be the biggest inflationary spike we will ever witness.
    With the Fed having gone to one extreme flooding the system with liquidity and halting a potential deflationary period, the reverse now is going to happen...
    From one extreme to the next.
    Wait until next year when these ethanol idiots see how much MORE it's going to cost us at the grocery store and how little a difference it's going to make at the Gas pumps...

    My car gets 30 Miles per Starving Child...
  3. If the government would let the farmers plant all they want and let the market set prices, everything would be fine.

    America can grow her own fuel, and cut back our dependance on foreign oil. Their will be these who say your crazy, just like they did when they tried to replace wood with coal, everyone said this will never work.

    Ethanol and Biodiesel is a great start for sure.
  4. non celluosic ethanol in any context greater than already used is a waste of good farmland and energy. Its nice ethanol production uses up excess corn supplies, but remember this is raising the price of ag commodities across the board.

    fundamentally, it all boils down to energy and trickles from there. Droughts don't help either. Inflation is up and will continue as long as we use food to power our cars.

    besides conservation, nuclear power and battery (and hybrid) cars are the answer.
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    havent heard much about Ethanol since oil dropped below $60 bucks. Guess there not moving as fast now that gas is around $2.25
  6. I do not understand this support for nuclear power. Besides meltdown risk, do you people completely ignore the problem of nuclear waste? Even currently disposed nuclear rods have a very high chance of leaking, as the cement is almost guaranteed to breakdown way before the rods' halflife. Short of shipping them into outer space, there is no safe disposal method of nuclear waste.
    There are clean sustainable ways of generating & maintaning energy needs, it's just that most don't want to work & sacrifice. Instead everyone wants the easy answer. Pass down the problems to the next generation, that's how it seems to work lately.
  7. Plenty are making money on it still. At the expense of the taxpayer. Free government money is always welcomed by the corporate cronies. In terms of ethanol succeeding in a near free market environment, it has no chance, except sugar and biomass.
  8. Footnote-

    I just said that no more inflation was the thinking of the day. I have full confidence there will be another report saying something different next week.

    I expect oil to fall off the cliff next week. Hopefully, the oil/ethanol stocks will follow suit and more of you guys will be burrying these issues into the ground. I want VSE to come back down to the teens then I will be doing the "moback". I want PEIX back into the low teens.

    Im hoping all you guys will just SELL those energy holdings and leave them for dead. Then I will pick them up once again. Then when that snowfall comes crashing in here and then the Arabs start their nonsense, king oil will come once more. Yes sir!
  9. This idea fascinates me. You could shuttle loads up into orbit and then propel them outwards with a small booster of some kind so you wouldnt have to use a rocket for every shipment.
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    Simple idea, but what would happen if the rocket had a malfunction on take-off? Who's backyard will get the fallout?

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