How about that little squirt up in the last 15 minutes

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  1. Just can't have a down day no sir, no can do. Look an em go, down day what's that?
  2. can you say manipulation? jake
  3. Bound to be a lot of indecision in this area. I have to say I love these swings.
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    Hey if its not going down -- it'll go up.

    You get a lot of these moves happening in the last hour -- normal price action if you ask me.
  5. no offense :l

    but manipulation is a loser meme to explain price action that confuses or goes against you

    only one thing moves it up - demand exceeds supply


    it's only "manipulation" when you can't explain it, weren't in the move, faded it and got blasted, etc.
  6. Not in the last hour it happens in the last 20-30 minutes, it shows a lack of confidence from the bears.

    It's safer for the bulls to wait until the last 20 minutes before they try a jam up, this gives any seller less time to react.
  7. Can you say 'hi, I was short and get hurt. Therefore, it must be manipulation b/c I can't possibly be wrong'.

    Loser talk.

    There's no manipulation on the ES smarty.

    When there's more buyers than sellers, price rises. There's your manipulation.
  8. whistler and brown, i need to buy a lotto ticket . loser jake
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    Why? What's to be gained?

    I agree w/ other poster - love the swings! If they were random swings w/o signals - I'd also dislike them but when the mkt provides such sweet signals - what's not to like?

    Looks like shorts loaded up today but got cold feet when they couldn't break below 12:24 low, IMO.

    Good trading,
  10. Looks like too many were looking for a "crash" today
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