How about that GBP/CHF

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  1. When does it stop going up? It's never looked back much since the BOE raised rates...

    funny thing is the EUR/GBP did not anti-correlate nicely...


    Some of you with the correct short entry can make a KILLING in the GBP/CHF.

    Good Trading to You
  2. There is more to be "had" on this short...
  3. Six weeks ago I rode it down from 2.300 to 2.2650 trading off support and resistance levels, although I 'm not sure that I am that good at trading it just that it was easy to trade. If you have lots of cash I will guarantee that it will trade down to 2.300 within six months, however it could make a new high in the mean time. It will be interesting if 2.300 can become support or if it will go lower to settle into a more familiar range.
  4. Yes that would be "telling".

    We have seen a "new Level" and it will prolly establish a new "set of ranges", but this one is "sloppy" with a lot of "overlaps" that are not significant. Watch the London open.

    Good Trading to You. :)

  5. If we are short GBP/Long CHF in spot forex
    what is the debit interest like every day?
    also what will be the credit interst if we are longGBP/short CHF?
  6. Shorting GBP/CHF will cost you $14 per lot/per day. I have a buy sig on GBP/CHF right here at 2.3197.
  7. Thanks Riskarb for the approximate $ figure.
    On the other hand can I constrcut a Long GBP/CHF combo indirectly like this & get some interest?
    Long GBP/JPY ( good positive carry?)
    Short CHF/JPY (relatively not so expensive debit)
    Any experience how IB deals this?

    Thanks once again.
  8. Well I hope this worked out for some of you

    Your Welcome :)