How about QuantDeveloper ?

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by hylt, May 21, 2005.

  1. hylt


    Who have used it? Please give some reviews.
  2. Hi,

    we have announced QuantDeveloper Public Beta release only a week ago, so I don't think there are many ET members who can review QuantDeveloper at the moment.

    You can learn more about QuantDeveloper and download free Public Beta here

    We will also provide public access to our beta tester forums this week.

  3. Once this becomes more mature, can someone compare/review this against Tradestation ?
  4. Looks nice. What sort of support do you have for limit order books and ecns? I fit functions to the book and do analysis and need to know if its possible.. also, is the data feed/order entry extensible?

  5. Our instrument/market data/execution facility (pre-trade/trade/post-trade) is based on internal FIX 4.4. business object/logic layer, so that we support all that FIX 4.4 offers internally, including market depth and order book.

    We have a plugin mechanism for third paty market data/execution providers, so that yes, it's extensible.

  6. its been a week and their sales dept hasnt replied to a query. Cant imagine how long a tech support issue would take. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth
  7. Hi Psytrade,

    our St.Petersburg guys took a short vacation and we forgot to redirect general sales queries to our US/EU people. Our mistake indeed.

    Anyway, I can not find your query in our logs, could you please send it again, either to or directly to me at

    As for the technical queries, we've recently launched a bug/feature request tracking site

    We believe that this facility will make our development / support better and more open to our customers.

    This site operates together with our normal technical support / general discussion forums site at