How about LUMBER???

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  1. Any comments/observations/rants about lumber?
  2. TIMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Slightly dips......$200 ought to be good support
  4. Shagi


    There is no reason to buy this, it can continue to go lower
  5. lumber is a horrible market right up there with bellies and oats just stay away
  6. Is lumber liquid? -No. Is lumber a good trending market? - Yes. As a spec play where you're risking a small piece of your futures stake and you're looking for intermediate to longer-term moves, lumber is not that bad. Seasonality tends to be a nice tool for timing turns, and the spreads tend to be manageable.
  7. July is showing signs of support despite the bad housing news. Could this be anticipating a few hurricaines?
  8. I would imagine they are just pricing in the fact that the housing market should be just about bottomed out by july hence is the reason for support in july.
  9. LMAO :D

    Hope you meant July 2010.
  10. i9 agree with longhorns
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