How about Hood River?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Jayford, Feb 9, 2003.

  1. Moving to Hood River for the windsurfing season. I miss trading in a room with other traders, and would be willing to turn my pad into a trading operation with others if anyone else is interested. Or, even better, openning an office if I can find five guys or so. I only trade futures, but the medium isn't so important to me as far as what others are trading. I just like the energy and ideas that naturally arise in a room of traders.

    If anyone stumbled on this thread wondering where Hood River is, its an hour east of Portland, OR. World class windsurfing, whitewater kayaking (year round), mtn biking, and year round skiing/boarding. The place rocks!

  2. corvus


    world-class flyfishing too... :cool:
  3. I wonder how many pro traders are also into windsurfing? I've been a windsurfer for about 15 years now, although the passion has waned a little in the last few years.
  4. at the end of March. Lived there for 3 years through 2002, miss it so much. I'm out in Hood River every couple of weeks or so watching/trying to learn kiteboarding, especially during Gourge Games. I trade for a living full time also, maybe we could meet up for a drink or two in April, let me know...........

  5. Hey, cool.... Oregonians on ET! I'm in Portland.
  6. How is that even possible? I burned out on skiing after doing it full time for many years, but no way will I burn out on sailing. Way too much to learn, and I'll never master the sport (not sure anyone can other than Robby).

    If ya pop into town, put a notice on this message board first, and I'll put ya up and have you join me for a trading session or two.

  7. Andre


    I wonder how many folks here on ET are in Oregon, or the Northwest? I'm just down I-5 a couple of hours from Hood River, smack in the heart of the Willamette Valley. I'd certainly be up to getting together for beers in Portland one evening.

  8. Andre,

    We are hooking up on Sunday. Wanna join us?