How about giving the thread originator the power to delete unwanted posts..

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Optionpro007, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. That would really help weeding out idiots and assholes who have nothing to do but take their own misery and short comings out on others..

  2. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

  3. Thanks Baron.

    I was hoping we could come up with some sort of solution to the problem. It is really unfortunate to lose great posters over and over again for the same reason....

    If nothing is done, ET can end up being a "ghost" website...

  4. LMAO! I can sympathize optionpro007. I think I can safely assume your request was brought about due to the recent demise of the Chronicles of Rennick journal thanks to some pointless posts from Pekelo.

    How delightfully ironic that it is the same Pekelo that requested journal starters be able to moderate their own threads in the link that Baron just provided!

    If only Pekelo could have taken his own advice:

    It seems that folk who were molested as children then grow up to become child molesters themselves!

  5. Thanks mo, I did also find it ironic that of all the people in ET, pekelo had brought up the exact same point earlier....

    Do you think Baron did it on purpose ? (cut and paste)..=)

    Anyways, it is still sad to lose good posters....

    Good luck !

  6. Pekelo


    Oh but boys, of course you failed to point out where I was out of line, pointless or abusing a basicly spamming thread? And I actually left, once I made my point and noticed that making sense is not welcomed. Also I was polite all the time in the thread...

    I have/had 2 journals and I don't have a problem if one gives me constructive feedback, I actually welcome it, because it makes me work harder and catches me if I bullshit you...

    P.S.: What I found ironic is, that a guy who has been trading for decades is using a signal service AND shilling for it.
  7. you accused rennick of bsing and lying on a summary of a call he made in public and posted a friggen chart to verify so anyone could judge for themselves. you attaked with your bullshit on every minute point and now everyone here knows you are the liar and bullshit artist . how can he lie about a call placed in front of thousands. as far as spamming thats bs, magna has that totally under control. do you know what ironic means? it aint some old guy who has found his edge and trying to share it( without spamin) with others whos gone through the trials of trading. ironic is some guy who goes around trying to destroy a good thread by flaming when he, which would be you pekalo, started a thread(below) asking baron to protect you from guys like you. now thats ironic.

    LOL, like gramps would say, priceless, just priceless

    :D :D :D :D
  8. doesn't matter mate... just start another thread... they come & go... trolls, threads... no point in getting too emotionally attached to a particular thread... of course u put some effort into it but hopefully after a few weeks / months have passed, yr whole life won't be hanging over having run a cool thread on ET...