How about an "articles" section on EliteTrader ??

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by TraderZones, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. How about an "articles" section on EliteTrader ??

    Trade2Win has an "articles" section

    This is a large & growing section on the web as well.

    Unlike good or exceptional forum posts, which get buried over time and are hard to find,

    articles represent a concrete piece of information which can educate the reader, are indexed/categorized, are voted on by members, and are not inundated. overwhelmed or dominated by negative or unrelated responses.

    There are multiple investment article databases out there, and I don't see why a major site like ET is not in the playing field.

    If not feasible via the ET software, I am sure there are free/cheap article management software out there...
  2. oTzt


    Hi all,

    The idea is pretty good, but I think it could be enhanced a little :
    If autors were to write articles "for ET" (like they -seem to- do on T2W), we would just have one more source of information.
    It would oblige us to go here and there in the hope of finding something new and interresting.

    Don't you think a better idea would be to have a thread here at ET, dedicated to listing links to available articles on the net, with a short summary for each of them ?

    The limit of such a system is that it relies on the goodwill of each contribuor.

    The pro is that it could group everything available in a single point, without having to wait for autors to write sthg 'specifically' for ET.

  3. how about market data? could i have market data on ET as well? pref real time, all markets. and a launchpad. and could you guys also get the RSS news feeds from all the major contributors and link or post that somewhere so i know where to find all the market moving stuff real time in one place?

    and before i forget, stock picks... can u guys arrange for the best stock picks to be posted daily on the main page? and... yes that'd be nice too... could you guys like automate so the picks go straight into my broker's API and i just set a few rules before i go fishing every morning...

    or wire me money?... yup, i think we could settle there instead... just wire me some reasonable amount of dough every day, and perhaps we can all save ourselves the technology hassle etc... overall that'd be a net savings to u guys come to think of it!...

    and see, am not even asking for my cut here... although on 2nd thoughts.........