How about a "probation period" for new accounts

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by cashonly, Sep 12, 2006.

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    I'm getting really sick of all these new thread e-mails only to see that they are spam.

    How about a "probation period" for new accounts. For the first dozen or so posts, their posts go to a moderator first and he gives a thumbs up or down as to whether or not it should go thru. This should be particularly tru of new threads.

    Once the poster has some postings under his belt, then take the restriction off. A lot of maillists do this to prevent spam.

  2. Great idea.
  3. Baron

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    I was hoping we wouldn't have to start moderating every new member but it looks like we don't have much of a choice.
  4. andread


    Maybe an invitation system can be helpful. If someone joins because he is invited by another member probably it's not necessary to watch him.
    Also, I would just watch the first post, as suggested in another thread. It's always possible to change it later
  5. Think the "probation period" or "referral" ideas are great ones!

    The latest spammer - the cracked DVD guy - just keeps signing up under new names every other day or so.
  6. Of course, the latest spammer isn't spamming at all - it's simply harrassment to this website.

    Which most likely deserves stiffer Fed penalties...
  7. Just another idea, an automatic time limit can be used. For instance, a new user's first 20 posts have to wait 30mins or 1 hour in between each post. Some forums also use this method.
  8. ET shld ban the IP address(es) used, to make his life more difficult...
  9. that's a good suggestion.
  10. Agree completely!
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