How about a "Newbie" section?

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  1. Where we can create some "sticky" threads of questions that are asked every five days or so....

    - how much was "tuition" to start
    - what are good books to read
    - where can one find information about starting a career in trading
    - how much capital is enough to start

    Maybe a place where people new to the site/new to trading can feel comfortable asking questions, and the "elite" people won't be offended by the newbie questions.

  2. TNG - great idea. A lot of forums have 'sticky' posts that are always at the top of the forum page. I like the idea.
  3. Pekelo


    Since 2 weeks ago your request has already been answered under the Educational Resources forum, where every newbie should start anyway:

    Since you missed it, I don't think you have a good ability to research. Subscribe to a paid service because you won't make it on your own... :(

    P.S.: I just realized you have been a member for a year with 450 posts and you didn't see the Newbie FAQ? BAD!!!!
  4. Thanks! I've noticed an ever-increasing amount of similar first time posts. I almost want to create an ET sentiment indicator based off how many new traders per day we're getting. :D

  5. Hey Pekelo, what's with the attack? I'm not new, I'm not asking nor seeking advice, and I'm doing just fine on my own, thanks. I don't frequent the educational resources forum, so I guess I did miss it. However, since in the last two weeks there have been numerous threads started asking the same thing over and over again, I would venture a guess to say that it isn't working well over there.

  6. Pekelo


    No attack, but there is no point for me or for anybody to write a FAQ if newbies don't find it/read it. Now if a newbie misses it, that is bad researching ability, but I can forgive that, but you have been around the website, so you should have been able to find it/be aware of it.

    There was one valid criticism in the FAQ thread, that it is not very visible, so had you posted about that, I would have agreed with you. But your original post was knocking on open door...

    Anyway, any newbie slowly scrolling down on the list of the Forums should be able to find it...If not, should be shot on sight...
  7. What I meant was a category or whatever you call it with some threads that stay at the top. As it currently stands, when new threads are created yours drops below the visible line. Maybe renaming the educational area to newbie area would be enough.

    Anyway, I'm just trying to think of ways to make the site more inviting so more new people will join. This place has become a very hostile place it seems, when it used to actually be a place where you could discuss trading ideas.


  8. Perhaps, asking Baron to direct all new members to the FAQ when they sign-up would be an idea.

    I still strongly favor the implementation of sticky threads, perhaps just one per forum for newbies.

    Anyone want to start a poll to give Baron some data to make the decision? :D
  9. andread


    I don't think there are many questions that should be sticky, so I would say one thread per question, like several forums do.
  10. His thread remains on top as it is pinned in my section. I have also removed others comment not directly related to the thread topic to keep it as a resource.
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