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  1. Baron - while I am not the most active here, I do try to participate when I can. One constant I have seen is a lot of 'Newbie here looking for help', etc.

    So, how about a newbie area? Instead of these posts cluttering areas where meaningful discussion sometimes takes place, you could have an area where newbies could go and also search in one place to get their questions answered.

    Just an idea.
  2. andread


    As a newbie I have to agree. As long as I can get some answers :)
    I'm afraid it would be pretty deserted, though. Everyone feels a seasoned pro here.
  3. Pekelo


    I am not against the idea, but the truth is, most of the newbie questions have been already answered.
    Thus properly using the Search feature you should be able to get the desired info.

    Maybe a newbie FAQ would be better, where the links to previous threads discussing the issues could be put...
  4. andread


    Well, then we have to define what level of knowledge identifies a newbie.
    Personally I think I would have less concerns to post in a newbie area.
  5. Right, I think if it's a designated newbie area, we know going into it that these are going to be simple questions (even stupid by some people's standards). And instead of flaming the person, since it's a newbie area you can expect it.

    I do really like the FAQ thing as well.
  6. But that contradicts with the website name 'Elite Trader' and might jeopardize its positioning.
  7. I disagree. This site would not lose any cachet if it implemented a newbie area.

    A few quant message boards have it(ie nuclearphynance, wilmott, etc) and doesn't seem to detract from the post quality. jmho
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    Besides, if you are concerned about the eliteness of the board, I would consider first all the trolls. Maybe they should have their own area too.
  9. Not a good idea - A Newbie forum would only have posters of Real newbies and Vendors.

    A really very good idea - All Real traders would encounter the vendors no more, hopefully.
  10. If you have a Newbie area, then it will have all Newbies and then no one will answer any questions since they are all newbies asking Questions.

    newbies are better off asking their specific newbie question in the appropriate area based on the topic. Even if something has been asked before, non-newbs bothered by that can ignore it.

    But I do agree newbies should use the search function first.
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