How about a Health & Fitness Forum?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by peilthetraveler, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. I think a Health & Fitness forum would be a good idea in the community lounge at Elitetrader. Traders are sitting in their chairs all day with stress, backpain, and weight gain. A forum where traders could ask questions about how to deal with these topics, or perhaps they want to enter a journal style "stop smoking" thread, or a "training for a marathon" thread. There are many possibilites and I think its probably much needed for alot of traders with bad habits and unhealthy lifestyles that just need a forum to kind of push them a little bit.

  2. Chit chat serves just fine.
  3. great idea! Can we have treadmills, bikes and a power rack.. :D
  4. Chit Chat sucks. Its all a bunch of single, desperate, horny guys in there talking about what girls they want to bang that they would never have a chance with in real life.

    Maybe make a seperate forum for them then, so chit chat isnt ruined.
  5. why do you spend so much time there :D
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    where are the babes in tight spandex shorts:cool:
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    That's terrible! Do they post pics? Do you have a link?