How about a forum on non stock investment ideas

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  1. It's clearly obvious that nobody on ET ever loses money, so how about a forum on places to put some of that money to work outside of the stock market. Not for short term trades, but rather for longer term investments (no stocks)...something to add diversity to our portfolio's.
  2. I like the idea, also. Whaddya got that's easy, coins, stamps, books, antiques, jewelry, etc? Everything is trashed on ebay. Business/real estate in general is nothing more than cash churners, if you're lucky you get a piece of cash on it's way out the door. Equity evaporates in real estate. What doesn't, gets taxed, hardly worth the effort. I'm all ears.
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    So what do you propose the title of the forum should be? "Non-Stock Investments" probably wouldn't work too well because people would inevitably use it for discussing forex, futures, etc.
  4. Great Depression-proof investments
    Survival investments
    Catastrophe-proof investments
    Hobby investments
    Unusual investments
    Capital preservation
    Lifetime investments
    Long term investments
    Alternative investments
  5. How about "You made keep it!!!" :D

    I think "investors arena" or "portfolio diversification" would be good.
    The mod might have to keep on top of it for the first few days to remind people that it's not for stocks, but I think most people will be on the right page.

    Hope you give it a try.
  6. joesan


    what about "Non-financial investment" ?
  7. What a great idea. Probably need heavy policing against people trying to sell nonsense schemes but well worth the effort I think.

    It could be called one of the following:

    Alternative Investments (as previously suggested)
    Off-Exchange Investments
    Capital Diversification
    Non-Tradeable Equity/Investments