how about a dedicated forum / section on ECNs?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by 2cents, Aug 27, 2005.

cld use a dedicated forum on ECNs?

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  1. yes, dying for it!

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  2. yes, that'd be cool!

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  3. yes why not...

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  4. cldn't be bothered...

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  1. hi,
    learnt a lot from elitetrader forums but it seems to me there is little guidance to be found on multi-dealer platforms / ECNs here, i.e. real hands-on experience with say hotspotfxi, coesfx/gffastforex, refcofxpro/fxcmpro/currenex type offerings, and not mentioning fxall, lavafx...
    does anyone know of any dedicated forums where their services / performances etc are discussed??
    or wld elitetrader consider opening a dedicated forum for this if there is sufficient demand??
  2. Agree, first-hand information on forex ECNs is needed and not easy to come by. However, my sense is that it doesn't call for a whole ET forum of its own.

    An ongoing thread within the Forex Brokers forum would be a good start, potentially helpful to many.
  3. agree, not much interest out there it seems, altho' after reading more posts, seems a lot of size players use IB or interbankfx (which r ecn-type platforms) and r reasonably happy with them... guess i'll just go ahead with fxcmpro for a few mths since i've already funded my acct, but still undecided re. the back-up... am thinking either hotspotfxi or one of the above 2, depending on comm. structure, reliability etc... any views?