How about a big NEXT PAGE button?

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  1. I surf ET on my phone a lot, and it's hard to hit those little tiny page numbers when I'm reading a thread. A big NEXT PAGE button would help out.
  2. Making an App, or a mobile version would be even better.
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    Practice makes perfect.
  4. This is a really good idea. Don't know if it's feasible though. Any thoughts Baron?
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    If you're using a phone, try using:

    Then enter or any website you want to visit.

    It strips out all of the images and reduces the page to simple text and text links. It should load a bit faster too but Baron might not like the idea of the adverts being removed.

    Alternatively, Baron could drop a couple of lines of Javascript into his site:

    That and about $8 a year could make browsing Elite Trader on smaller screens a bit easier.

    It won't resolve the "next page" issue though.
  6. My request for this obvious convenience has always fallen on deaf ears :D
  7. I would more prefer making the "EDIT/DELETE" button only work for your own emails. We cannot edit other people's emails, only can edit our own for 30 minutes, so why does it appear first, in front of QUOTE and COMPLAIN?

    QUOTE should definitely be first, as it is used much more
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    You don't need for Baron to make the change to the website. You can make the change yourself.

    1) If you have Firefox, install this add-on:

    Restart your browser.

    (This add-on alows you to modify web pages to look how you want them to using scripts)

    2) Download this script:

    (You can view the contents of the script with Notepad if you'd like to check there is nothing malicious going on)

    When you download the script you may be given the option of installing it directly in which case, ignore the next step and you're done.

    3) If the script wasn't automatically installed inthe previous step, from your browser, choose file-> open file... and find where you downloaded the above script on your computer.

    You will be prompted whether you want to install it or not.

    Once the script is installed your pages will now look like this:


    It will only insert the 'next page' link at the bottom. I hope it's big enough for you.

    There is no 'previous page' link and this won't work with other browsers e.g. on your phone.

    Yes, I have too much time on my hands.
  9. really cool, thanks for this!
  10. My phone doesn't have Firefox :(
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