How a self made top 5% trader views the world (ME)

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  1. I thought all you new people would appreciate to read how exactly does a top trader think about trading and everything else.

    Come with me on this journey.

    First of all, I am not too social, slightly introverted which explains why I am on ET.

    Don't get me wrong, I "party" go to clubs sometimes, have 5 good friends etc. But I am most comfortable alone.

    Now lets get to the money.

    I do not believe that I am better than you. But I DO believe that I am different from you.

    How so ????

    well .........try to bear with me

    I am a cynical son of a bitch

    I am critical of myself and others

    I am well read in many many topics.

    I do not believe I made a choice to be this way, I think most of us have no choice in how we think.

    I see life as a struggle, I see our collective lives as a fucking prison.

    Trading or starting own business is a way to ESCAPE from Maximum Security prison to minimum security.

    I see EVIL but I am also willing to admit that I am part of this EVIL.

    making it in world of trading requires source of POWER

    find your source of power in your anger, anger in how this world works,

    if you are not angry, you are not well informed.

    find your anger, find your power, use your power to sustain you in this tough field.

    and remember, when trading ask your self

    What would Spock from original Star Trek say here if he was trying to find a good trading method.

    and don't listen to people who are giving you their strategy

    its worthless 99% of times
  2. Nice poem!
    Thanks for sharing
  3. aaaaaa..........aaaaaa..........that wasn't a poem :D
  4. What's the criteria for a top 5% trader?
  5. only persistence, only persistence
  6. Darth Chloride:

    I can feel your anger.. it gives you focus, it makes you strongah!


    But seriously. What kinda anger are we talking about? I'm sure every trader needs a strong motive force - but is anger all that will do?

    How about libido instead? That's probably the most powerful force in man..

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    good post, my man. keep the FOCUS!


  8. and I love your humor but I don't think libido will do.

    libido my friend takes your focus, does not give it

    Less Fcuk more charting :D
  9. So far you haven't said one thing that I disagree with ... um, I'm not sure if that is a good thing. :confused:

    Jimmy Jam
  10. my bad; it is your manifesto; still good.
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