How 350,000 Votes Disappeared in Ohio"

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  1. A damning and detailed feature article, written by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., for Rolling Stone and documenting evidence of the theft of the 2004 Presidential Election is set to hit newstands this Friday, The BRAD BLOG can now confirm. The online version of the article will be posted tomorrow (Thursday) morning.

    The article -- headlined on the cover as "Did Bush Steal the 2004 Election?: How 350,000 Votes Disappeared in Ohio" -- has been several months in development and will contend that a concerted effort was undertaken by high-level Republican officials to steal the Election in Ohio -- and thus the country -- in 2004!

    Kennedy told The BRAD BLOG this morning that "the best evidence says the Republicans succeeded" in their plan.

    He writes in the 10-page long article, and confirmed to us today, that evidence shows Ohio Sec. of State J. Kenneth Blackwell was "certainly in on" the scheme, and there are indications that the effort went all the way up to the White House.

    Kennedy, who is co-host of Ring of Fire, a weekend show on Air America Radio, is an environmental attorney and the son of the late Robert F. Kennedy. This is his first public foray into the realm of Election Fraud, Election Integrity, Electronic Voting and, in particular, the questionable results of Election 2004.

    A major publicity push is currently in the works to accompany the feature story which is sure to get the attention of more than a few D.C. and Buckeye State pols in addition to the mainstream media who have, of late, begun reporting more frequently on the litany of concerns and now-documented evidence that new electronic voting machines are hackable through a number of means.

    Several public appearances are currently being scheduled for Kennedy in the coming weeks, including an appearance on The Colbert Report currently scheduled for Monday, June 12.

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    Sources have told The BRAD BLOG that Kennedy "does not hold back in this article."

    One of the election integrity advocates involved in research and development with Kennedy on the story told us a number of weeks ago that "[Kennedy] essentially says everything that those of us who have been contending there was massive chicanery in the '04 election were right, and the media and politicians who ignored it at the time were wrong."

    We'll have more details and information shortly from the story which includes quotes from Democrats such as Howard Dean and John Kerry, as well as pollster Lou Harris who also questions the validity of the 2004 Presidential Election in Ohio according to the article...

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    A sidebar included with the article calls for an investigation into Electronic Voting machines prior to upcoming elections...More soon...

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    Keeping in mind that a mere 6 votes registered for Kerry instead of Bush at each precint in Ohio in 2004 would have given the state, and the Presidency, to Kerry, here's a few quotes from the article...

    Howard Dean: "I'm not confident that the election in Ohio was fairly decided."

    U.S. Congressman from Ohio, Rep. Dennis Kucinich: "The secretary of state is supposed to administer elections – not throw them."

    Pollster Lou Harris of the Harris Poll -- described in the piece as "the father of modern day political polling" -- says: "Ohio was as dirty an election as America has ever seen."

    Despite Harris' comments, which may be amongst the most explosive in the article, Kerry himself brings up the rear...

    John Kerry: "Can I draw a conclusion that they played tough games and clearly had intent to reduce the level of our vote? Yes, absolutely. Can I tell you to a certainty that it made the difference in the election? I can't. There's no way for me to do that. If I could have done that, then obviously I would have found some legal recourse."

  2. Certainly we can agree that on the subject of stealing elections, the Democrats are the experts.
  3. They may have been in the past, but now the title goes to the Grand Old Party....

  4. You mean, those democrats who have switched to the Republican party?
  5. I've had these votes stored in my garage for the last 2.5 years. I really had no idea anyone wanted them. Y'all should have said something sooner. :D

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    It'd be funny to watch, if not so disgusting, as the "Don't Question Our Patriotism" crowd makes every effort to demonstrate what a fraud our Democracy is.

    One question I've been dying to ask a member of this imbecilic group ... if the Florida courts would have allowed Gore to mine chads just long enough for him to beat Bush by a vote or two, would you then insist the counting stop?

    Would you refush Bush an additional Count? And if Bush came up One vote ahead after this subsequent count, would he be the Victor? Or would you demand one more?

    Fish in a barrel. It is an extremely easy task schooling people with NO CONVICTIONS other than those they feel ....

    "Gay Marriage" ... Yeah, that feels great! Don't fool yourself, EVERYTHING you know is wrong.
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    As a followup to aaa

    Did anyone think that this was a joke. I mean a Kennedy looking into election integrity.

    What next the Kennedy commission on alcohol tax evasion. The nerve of that guy.
  8. Oh man, too funny....
  9. This is very much like a football game. If a team loses a game on a questionable call because of lackluster play over four quarters, who is to blame for the loss ultimately? The referees or the team. ESPECIALLY if the team is on the road and they have been victimized by "home cooking" in the past.

    Do you get the analogy?
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    Stereotypical thinking there, jem. Hapaboy, you have a bit of drool hanging off your lip there.

    Anyway, does anyone know whatever happened over the election day phone jamming thing?
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