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Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by monty09, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. monty09


    I am planning a monthly happy hour and maybe a golf outing or two for houston based traders, asset managers, students, etc

    First $100 on bar tab is on me

    Anyone intersted?
  2. buybig


    what side of town are you on?
  3. monty09


    mid town
  4. ggoyal


    all that is nice.

    but what is the purpose of this? learn how to trade?

    seriously, you all meet up, get some drinks and talk about trading. seriously, anyone making money would be the one who talks the least much less show up.

    unless of course you r anek. he is just too kind of a person. most people(myself included) r assholes.
  5. I can't play golf, and I won't drink and get behind the wheel, but the meetup sounds good.
  6. monty09


    I dont care to talk about trading but always nice to know people in the industry or looking to join. Just some drinks with like minded people in town.

    I have a blast with people in the office and various couterparties we trade with but never hurts to know and expand our network.
  7. I'm always up for hanging out with other H-town traders, as long as it's not M-Th. We've had a couple hook ups im 08 but the turnouts were small, maybe you can round up something bigger.

    Nice to see that both snugglepuppy and Ian are still in the game.

    Oh, and like Ian, I don't golf or drink, so that might end up ruling me out. And call me crazy but when I hang out with other traders, I generally like to talk about trading. If I didn't love I wouldn't be doing it. If you guys want to talk about sports or the weather I'd probably prefer to just spend some time with the family.
  8. buybig


    hey man, yeah im still alive and kicking.. how are you? trading options only.. futures not for me.. dont have enough discipline. anywhoo..

    GGOYLE, glad to know your a D**K.. i wouldnt expect you to contribute.

    I meet up w/ another options trader to shoot the shit almost daily.. and i do drink like a fish.. suck at golf.. my 2 cents

    it helps to bounce ideas around..:D
  9. buybig



    What vehicle do you trade?
  10. jesseah


    I'd be interested. I just moved here from NYC and would like to meet some local traders. I just trade equities and the a little bit of options
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