Houston Traders Meeting

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  1. buybig


    BIG BALLS :eek:
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  2. kapama


    We will be having our 2nd meeting at Café Express in Uptown Park next Friday on Feb 29 at 6pm. Email me at scepni@hotmail.com if you need to contact me.

    p.s We do not have a set agenda yet for these meetings. Once we get enough members, we may set up a specific topic (trading futures, commodities,etc) for each meeting.

    Café Express
    1101 Uptown Park
    Houston, TX 77056
    713.963.9222 | fax 713.963.0777
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  3. i say we meet at the diamond club off richmond av instead:cool: :D
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  4. Well, that is a superb idea. Only problem is some of us (not me) are married. I don't think no one will short their marriage and buy a call option on Diamond Club.

    So let's stick with Cafe Express for now. :)
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  5. blahaha, "short their marriage"...., I swear i went in their a few weeks ago on accident,... im new to the area and eating at el tiempo.... didnt feel like going home and i said shit ill peak my head in this place (thinking it was a seeding little club, didnt even see the name of the place)..... got in there and was like "fuck it, paid admission mine as well stick around for a minute :D"
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  6. I can probably make it. I'd like to see some more futures traders come out. I know snugglepuppy is trading futs now, but there's gotta be some more in H town that are on this site.

    If anyone's on the fence, don't worry, we don't want your strategy. I already have mine, and I'm very happy with it. It's just a camaraderie thing.
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  7. Heard that one before.. :p

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  8. So is this still on? Is anyone actually going tonight?
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  9. definitely, I am coming for sure and my friend also.

    We will try to do this meeting every month from now on.
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    Do any Houston equity traders work in an office environment w/ other traders? If so please contact me jesseah@gmail.com


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