Houston Traders Meeting

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by kapama, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. I shall be there then. :cool:
    #11     Jan 10, 2008
  2. I'll try to make it too, but I might be a few minutes late. Getting over to the Galleria at that time of day (or any time of the day) can be a pain, and I have to show my face at a work-related happy hour downtown during the 5 o'clock hour. It will be nice to meet some other local traders, even though it looks like you guys trade different markets than I do. Not sure how I'll recognize you guys, but I'm sure if I stand around and look stupid someone will flag me down.
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  3. buybig


    does Cafe Express serve beer?

    if not im bringing a cooler:D
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  4. You guys still on?...
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  5. good group of itelligent individuals with different trading methodoligies to share...and passoniate about trading, have to be to talk trading for 4 hours on a friday night:eek: :p .... we need to get some more people next time though
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  6. Agreed, it was an enjoyable get-together. I'm definately up for doing it again sometime.
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  7. Yeah, I enjoyed and learned alot as well though my strategy is clearly different.

    I will keep you posted with the new meeting. And if you meet any traders in Houston area please let them know about this folder.
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  8. buybig


    enjoyed it guys,

    my wife was pissed though..

    you "traders" have a big set of cajones..

    next time we meet I think it would be a good idea to set an agenda..

    entry/exit strategys. option strategys. forex etc..

    from there we can go from one topic to the next and back and forth if needed.

    there was WAY to much knowledge present to digest w/o structure..

    my opinion..

    you guys have my card feel free to give me a call

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  9. ..... umm, no comprende?:)
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  10. Damn, didnt' see this posting until now. Well I hope to get in on the next rounds of talks. Let me know! :)

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