Houston Traders Meeting

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  1. kapama


    We are meeting at Café Express in Uptown Park on Friday,4th at 6pm. Let me know if you are joining us. Email me at scepni@hotmail.com if you need to contact me.

    Café Express
    1101 Uptown Park
    Houston, TX 77056
    713.963.9222 | fax 713.963.0777
  2. See ya'll there!
  3. Well, there was no response so we postponed it to Friday 11th 6pm same location. Cafe Express @ Uptown park

    At least 5 people are confirmed coming this time. We want this to grow. Please join us. There is so much to share.
  4. ggoyal


    I will be there too.

    I actually want to find someone who knows how to trade because we are looking for someone and we are willing to provide capital. We are not a prop firm, we are just a tradig company trading personal money. main focus is energy, but equity trading is also expanding. If you know how to trade we can provide upto 1mm unlevereged trading capital. Of course initially start will be small, but size can be increased at any time.
  5. It sure will be an interesting crowd :)

    See you all there
  6. The 11th... Ill be there mark me down
  7. This is a social interaction/ club sort of thing?.... Noones going to try and sell me anything right?:D
  8. Looks like I'll have to miss this one as I'll be traveling, but next time!
  9. I think I will miss this golden opportunity because I have just moved to north side. I mean Detroit area.
  10. There will be no selling no buying no marketing. This is just traders in Houston area coming together. and if someone try to sell something, we would not allow it. The purpose of this meeting is to exchange information and ideas and see what other people are doing.
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