Houston Traders - Algorithmic/Systematic/HF trading collaboration

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  1. Hello,

    I'm currently exploring potential collaboration opportunities with traders in Houston area who are looking at exploring the areas of Algo/Systematic/HF trading.

    My prior experiences includes working at top tier energy trading shops. Currently working at a start-up developing high-frequency gaming software. I'll be wrapping the start-up work in a week or two. It has been an amazing experience working and running the start-up. Have learnt a lot during this process; things I can directly apply in the next venture.

    The following are highlights of my qualification:
    * Extensive experience (10+ years) working one-on-one with top traders, marketers and analysts;
    * Technical proficiency in design and developing enterprise level front/back-office trading systems, data analysis, risk management, trading strategy development, backtesting framework, automated trading systems, market data systems, and pricing tools;
    * In depth knowledge of commodities and derivatives trading;
    * Entrepreneurial, proactive, with outstanding organizational skills which has proven to be a critical asset in a fast pace trading environment and start-up ventures;
    * Highly commended in reviews by piers and business for dedication and exemplary work ethic, passion, customer service, and technical knowledge;

    Would prefer Houston based traders.

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    Prepare Visa and i`ll be there for you.I`ve read somewhere that Huston is ugly(criminal, etc),though.
  3. Any big city has got a fair share of good, bad, and ugly.