Houston area traders/investors, LET'S MEET

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by kapama, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. kapama


    Anybody here wants to meet in Houston?

    I am OK with anywhere around Houston but prefer Galleria area.
  2. I would be willing to head out to Houston for a GTG.

    Galleria area would be perfect.
  3. How about Quattro at the Four Seasons?
  4. That`s downtown, nice ambiance.....get the salmon, really tender and moist:)
  5. kapama


    Ok good now we are 4 people and I will bring someone also.

    Now I would say Galleria is the best since it is in the middle of Houston. Let's determine the time and date.

    Anybody has an objection to Friday 6pm? I am thinking about McCormick's in uptown Plaza or Cafe Express.
  6. kapama


    guys let me know if you are coming.

    cafe express in uptown park 6pm this Friday 10/5/07
  7. 2.mark


    Didn't see the posting in time for Friday's meeting - did it happen?

    I'll try to join you next time.

  8. are you still having meetings?
    i own a floor here in town as well as others in the us.
    and i find it hard to find a community like the one we have in different city's.
  9. kapama