Housing stock divergence. Possible bottom.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by athlonmank8, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. In light of every negative news story that's been posted about the housing sector in the recent weeks, the equities have either held their ground or pushed higher.

    Either the sector has bottomed or someone's trying to get in on the ground floor.

    Will be interesting to see what the story is.

    Any thoughts feel free to post. Might pick up a small starter here myself.

    Also has anyone been hearing of anything positive for this industry? I'd like the hear a contrarian opinion from a news network if there is one.
  2. I have been trading this sector almost exclusively for the last few months.
    Short on most swing trades and a few very short term swing trades long when I felt upward pops would take place. I trade the sector daily on day trading.

    Actually the sector has been weak today and the last few days.
    Many stocks are still close to their 52 week lows.
    I think quite a few of them will take out 52 week lows before this sector turns upward.
    I am very short term with my trades in this sector.
    The bottom is not yet in as far as I see it.
    Many more foreclosures to come.