housing number in 4 mins

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  1. S2007S


    should get a little volatile around 10am....

    wonder how these numbers will look....

  2. Higher about 4%, Dow jumped about 10-15 points.
  3. Market. Ignores. Housing.

    Get it?
  4. bluud


    no I don't get it ... that is retarded
  5. Is it going to ignore the MBI, TGIC, PMI, ABK's?
  6. There have been bearish housing reports for the past two years yet the overall market is up huge in that same period. In addition, when housing numbers are released the indexes move only sighly. The market is already aware that there is a housing setback, and it comes as surprise that housing numbers continue to be poor.
  7. The market doesn't ignore housing. It doesn't ignore anything.

  8. bluud


    what is it with that dot after every word

    Market dot Ignores dot Housing dot

    dude you surf too many fucked up websites

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