Housing Market Takes a Hit

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  1. Pricing in parts of Santa Barbara is just breathtaking. No one could ever fault you for "blinking" and taking profits off the table. It may be early to take profits, who really knows, but all the signs of excessive speculation are there. Gotta book a profit to make one...

    I pity the person who buys SB homes (at today's levels)...imagine paying the property taxes!

    Hey, you could always pick up the Peterson (link below) home with some of your profits...just came on the market! :)

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  2. Visaria


    Was wondering if the buyer knew, before he bought it, that it was Buffett selling it to him and if so, did he have any second thoughts before buying it.:eek:
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  3. Greed blinds all. It's pretty bright out there, wear your sunglasses. :)
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  4. Funny......If I were Buffet, worth 45 Bill....I would never think of selling a hard asset for chump change.

    I mean .... he still owns WPO stock that he bought at $25!
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  5. jem


    I agree with spyderman--- with Buffet it is all PR and spin. He is a master at making himself look like the man.

    He is currently looking like a chump on his currency speculation so he makes a bunch of second grade arguments about costs per acre. To take pressure of his hundreds of millions of loses for his shareholders.

    Every realtor looks at per square foot or price per front foot. Oooh warren is brillant he looked at price per acre.
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  6. [​IMG]

    New high.
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