Housing Market Takes a Hit

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  1. LOL. This from someone who says Fed could do surprise 50bp hikes. Read through yen's posts and have a good laugh.

    I wonder how many of the RE bears here use different screennames then the ones they used while posting in that RE is Dead thread. That thread was a great laugh. Someone outta tell onewaypockets what DHI did yesterday. Ask him if its still a POS.
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  2. yenzen


    I said that, huh? From what I recall, it was tongue n cheek, but since u lack any depth of intellect and do a remarkable job of reciting the latest drivel from the financial press, I wouldnt expect u to pick up on it.

    U might want to do urself a favor and actually look at housing markets outside of ur neighborhood. Get a little bit national with it. Dont just sit there and recite these shallow snippets that are released to keep the big machine chugging along.

    Senor Zen
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  3. Consumer Confidence Dips, New Home Sales Up
    Tuesday April 26, 2:20 pm ET
    By Adam Geller, AP Business Writer
    Consumer Confidence Falls in April for 3rd Straight Month; New Home Sales Hit Record High


    New Home Sales HIT RECORD HIGH!

    Geez, it's like a hard-on that wouldn't come off.. LOL
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  4. jasonjm


    thats the whole point of my post

    when a stock has record volume (or an index, or a commodity), but the price declines significantly, that is usually a very bad sign!

    thats exactly what the housing market did....

    now I am wondering if the housing market is differernt to all the other things we trade - or not?

    I am starting to think seriously about opening up long term puts on the homebuilders.... (yes - like DHI), or maybe selling some calls
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  5. balda


    Don't you think they are trying to attract more buyers because no one else what it?
    Stock is in a down trend with a GAP around $32
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  6. Only retail buyers can drive up the price. These stocks are on thin ice and the insiders know it. There is no confidence in the market as a whole. People with longer term horizons are generally weary of buying into a very hot housing market. Anyone with common sense sholud be weary of buying into a very "hot" stock trend as well.

    In general there is no clear signal for the short term resolution but - there is conflicting data.

    Also, when was the last time a company used information to mislead the retail public?? This kind of stuff happens all the time and the people that ignore all sides of the story are the ones who get caught with their pants down.

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  7. All that good news and some pretty poor action in DHI today. Big spike and finish near the open on better than average volume, below the 50 DMA.

    The longs may be in trouble with this one...... IMHO
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  8. I don't see anything in DHI's chart to get all lathered up about.

    Looks like a mature bull run, with a distribution top. Down quite a bit since the March highs. Trend lines smashed, airpocket drops. Now up in the last couple of weeks a bit, possibly to carve out the right shoulder of a head-shoulders pattern. Might be a good short if/when this rally fails...

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  9. Notice when you called it a POS and then they raised their dividend which then resulted in such an easy run. Easy money and now your calling it a " distribution top?" You clearly have no clue.
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  10. Actually I called all traded companies potential "POS" and always view stock purchases as "just a trade". I do not believe on buying fundamentals, since there is so much dishonesty in disclosure (like the Toll Brothers conference call for one example). Since you insist on twisting words, here the text of the exact "POS" verbiage (from last October!, get a life!)

    "Every publicly traded company is a POS...or at least has to be suspected of being one. Privately held companies are noble, listed companies are whores and must be treated as such (Actually the term "whore" insults fine working girls everywhere, who labor by the sweat of their own brow...but that is another matter).

    This buying of your "fundamentals" and clinging to dividend results (ancient history) is grandpa investing.

    While I certainly would not at this point short homebuilders I am certainly not a "long" in what I think will prove out to be the ninth inning in this sector."
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