Housing Market Takes a Hit

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Mike805, Apr 19, 2005.

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    Only those who have not made any money in RE are hoping for a crash. Listen to them and you can feel their remorse.

    With the rates coming back down, there is zero chance that RE will be crashing any time soon.

    Buy and hold is how you can make big bucks. Flipping is for making dimes and nickels.

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  2. empee


    yes, retired, because we know how "buy and hold" worked out for the internet stock crowd..
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    If you sold your net stocks when the rates went up in early 2000, you would have made a ton of money like me.

    With the low rates of today, you got nothing to fear except for fear itself. :D

    You can't be the next Donald Trump by being a chicken little. :D

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  4. http://www.lewrockwell.com/north/north366.html
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  6. jasonjm


    what is very interesting is that prices were way down on RECORD volume

    I dont trade the real estate market, I dont even own a piece of property

    but in terms of stocks, I know that if the market moves down on very high volume its 95% of the time a bad thing

    I don't know if the housing market is different to other tradeable items
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  7. No big deal, depends on type of houses sold.
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  8. jasonjm


    well, hmm, it a nationwide statistic?

    I doubt the types of houses sold month to month vary at all.....

    probably a very static ratio, within 1% every month
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  9. yenzen


    Dont waste ur time on this guy. He is a housing cheerleader. In fact, I bet he was the pandering economist they brought out on the CNBC round table a few weeks back. Everything is spin,spin,spin.

    Senor Zen
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  10. Go back a few threads and you'll see prices on existing home sales are rising. Is it that big a deal if the two were to converge?
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