Housing Market Takes a Hit

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    yeah exactly, the mutual funds assist the insiders in dumping their stock into a rising market. What other bubble babble u got to share with us today Gullibility?

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  2. LOL. Insiders sold 4000 shares! I'm printing this out cause I don't think I've seen a dumber line than that. Weren't you the same one who said something about surprise 50 bp rate hikes? How is fantasy land?
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  3. LOL, the article quoted "the weather was a factor".....

    I love how the perma bulls are always able to come up with *something* to maintain their bullish case.
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  4. Something the perma bears *never* do...
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  5. ============
    My business plan does not contain the words or idea of ;
    ''perma bull'', but housing has been one of the better sectors, for decades both on & off wall street.:cool:

    At least no one used the highly inaccurate words '' housing bubble'':cool:
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  6. Go back a couple months after the hurricane season hit and food prices soared. Weimar fans went nuts with this along with their constant nonsense about China repegging and Asian selling US debt.

    Fast forward to today and we have 4.3% on the 10 year.

    Weather and seasons play a huge factor in the real world.
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  7. PMI & RDN.
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  8. Crash city:

    U.S. March existing home sales up 1.0% to 6.89M

    Sales of existing U.S. homes rose 1.0% in March to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 6.89 million, the third highest ever, the National Association of Realtors said Monday. Economists expected sales to slip to 6.76 million. Sales in February were revised to 6.82 million from 6.79 million previously reported. The inventory of unsold homes fell 0.2% to 2.33 million, a 4-month supply at the current sales pace. The median sales price rose 11.4% year-over-year to $195,000, the biggest gain in 25 years.


    Market takes a hit, lol.
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    Perhaps the bull will not be over until we get the last bear to throw in the towel.
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  10. House next door to me sold in a day and a 1/2...5 offers. Just last week.

    This is NE Nj.

    Overheard some guy in the supermarket recently talking about how he just GOT started flipping RE in NJ...

    meanwhile, a friend of mine who has been doing that since 1997 is getting out of the business

    I have seen this movie before!

    interesting times indeed.
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