Housing Market Takes a Hit

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Mike805, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. Where are all the housing bears?

    This should be music to your ears...

  2. yenzen


    apathy has set in.

    On the flipside, this stockmarket drop has given the flight to quality bid to bonds and perhaps that buys housing some more time.

    Senor Zen
  3. i have been researching the idea of investing in a housing correction...

    any thoughts on who is most leveraged with regards to low down payment mortgages. ie - who has most exposure to a short term correction/downturn in the housing market

    any thoughts would be appreciated...
  4. The executives need someone to buy their shares when they dump them and cash out.
  5. LOL. Insider transactions over at Yahoo:

    Insider Purchases - Last 6 Months

    Net Shares Purchased (Sold) - (4000)

    Net Institutional Purchases - Prior Qtr to Latest Qtr

    Net Shares Purchased (Sold) 20,117,000
  6. Maverick1


    Half the beat on DHI was from land sales... now you take that and run with it...
    #10     Apr 20, 2005