Housing market is recovering - not!

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  1. Yeah the housing market is recovering.

    Isn't that what the reports say?

    Maybe they haven't seen the truth of the foreclosure collapse in CA. Watch this shocking report.

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  2. Screw northern Mexico, I mean California.

    Let the Hollywood liberal asswipes get dragged from their homes by the same illegals they love giving government aid to.
  3. I never thought, in my life time that the United States would be on the path to total Kaos....meaning that the "States" will split from the Union.

    This is going to happen, hopefully with Texas leading the way for real in this decade.

    Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers need to be read and discussed.

    Cali is a fucking waste and they are the largest Economy, in the country, but they are broke. The liberals have run every state they control into the ground.

    Fuck them. Let them have their "Illegal Immigration", let them have their "Socialism". But let the propsperous states break away from this "Fed Gov". Ron Paul is more than spot on and so is Jim Rogers.

    We will see how this comes about as we find out we are deeper and deeper in a serious recession and when people wake up to the Fact tha OBAMA can not save them.
  4. This is the shit that's still on the bank's balance sheets that are being marked at 90 to 95%. They are desparately trying to hang on until the gov't can buy these toxic assets and get them off the bank's balance sheets, but at a minimal loss.

    WHO is going to take the loss ???? WE are, the taxpayers. If Geithner's plan is to buy up this crap, along with private investors, and then guarantee 70% of the loan, THAT is a shitty deal for us. The more gov't does to try to fix the problem, the more they fuck the country and the taxpayers. The only ones to benefit will be the ones who created this wealth destruction in the first place. Just let a free market decide, without govt intervention, before they ruin us all.

    And that video being in CA....may be a good idea to buy some WFC puts??? All depends on how set govt is on propping up the banks.
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    Anyone know what happened to Mr Mortgage? He had great analysis but seems to have disappeared.
  6. Mr. Mortgage had the facts, I haven't looked lately but it appears that he posted a youtube a month ago...
  7. my friend has a house in a town near LA. what is the best website to get the most accurate valuation of it?
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  9. Yes CA has more than it's share of RE problems. I grew up there, spent 2 months there recently. But Perris, that is and was always an armpit. What it's know for is skydiving. I don't a single soul that lives there.

    Let's mention Stockton for foreclosures, one of the worst in the US too. Have you ever been there? It's a dump too, was before the bubble and it's worse now. Sacramento, close proximity is known for having a high crime rate for last 20 years that I know of.

    Drive through the middle class parts of OC, where I grew up, looks nothing like that. But yes RE prices in some nice cities were down 30% in one year.

    Illegals, yes have always been a problem in CA, but if you think there not in Texas, wake up. Your beloved Fox news shows the cartel violence at the border ever night.
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    They should take that suburb, have people move out of there houses in one part of the developement into a nicer home on the other side of the developement and bulldoze the half they left.
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